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lívdin church center

Strategic overview

Welcome to Lívdin Church Center! Our purposes are based on the biblical purposes found in the New Testament regarding the church of Jesus Christ. Since the church started in 2001 we have become more and more convinced that making disciples is the primary purpose of the church and all the other purposes are ways in which we reach people with good news of Jesus Christ and build them up in their relationship with Christ. Furthermore that all this is done in the attitude of worship, humility, joy, trust and hope.


Biblical foundations 


Matthew 28:16-20



Acts 1:8,  2:42-47

“Make disciples”


(Sharing God)

„You shall be My witnesses“, “God added daily those who were being saved” (1:8; 2:47)

“When they saw Him they worshipped Him”


(Enjoying God)

“They devoted themselves to...the breaking of bread and prayer” (2:42)



(Serving people)

“Many signs and wonders were done by the apostles” (2:43)



(Understanding people)

“ They devoted themselves to...fellowship” (2:42, sí 44,46)

“Teach them to obey”


(Living with God)

“ They devoted themselves to the disciples teaching” (2:42)


As we compare Matthew 28 with Acts 1 and 2 we see clearly that Jesus’ disciples understood His commands in Matthew 28, because the first church in Jerusalem modeled all the purposes that Christ gave His disciples regarding their lives in the new born church. When these purposes are translated into at process, they can be seen as a maturing process that helps Christians mature in all the purposes of the church and thus be able to go and make disciples in order to bring them to maturity so that they in torn again can go and make disciples in order to bring them to maturity, etc. We go through this process every year. The first membership course is taught several times every year because there are so many who come to our church. However, the next four membership classes are only taught once a year. All these courses give our members a great sense of security because they see that everything we do as a church is based on biblical principles. 

Vision statement – the goals which Lívdin seeks to accomplish 

The Bible states that without a vision the people perish. It is important for every church that its leaders have a vision for the future and a clear idea of where they are going. Developing a vision is not easy, enthusing the church as a whole with the vision is even more difficult. This has however, been one of the great joys for us in the leadership of Lívdin.

  1. Our vision is to share the good news in a relevant way that it translates into the language of our culture in the faroe islands – Acts 2:4-12. 
  2. We want to welcome people with broken lives, broken hearts, broken dreams and broken homes into our church so they can find love, care, grace and hope in order that they can be made whole – Matt. 11:28-30. 
  3. We want to send missionaries out into the world and support them prayerfully, pastorally and financially so that they can do God’s work unhindered – Rom. 10:13-15. 
  4. We want to build up believers in the Word so that they can obey and glorify God by their lifestyles – Eph.4:11-15. 
  5. We want to help people find their gifts, passion and personality and place them in the ministries in the church that equal the way God has created them – 1 Cor. 12:4-12-. 
  6. We want to draw people into Gods presence with excellent music, singing and creative arts – Psalm 150. 
  7. We want to build a building that will host all our ministries and be used to serve our community – Acts 17:16-34

Core values

FREEDOM – Rom. 14:14-15; Gal. 5:1~ Joyful, free, gracious and lifegiving Christianity shall identify Lívdin Church Center.


RESPONSABILITY – Phil. 4:8 ~ We will show responsability by loving people just as they are and show excellence and compassion in everything we do.


RELEVANCE – Acts 13:36 ~ We want to feel the pulse of our culture and encourage the church to be active, creative and original in our involvememt in culture.



Other values we want to be evident in Lívdin Church Center:

Exalting the value of others – Phil. 4:3-4 ~ Recognizing that every human being is created in the image of God and valuing everyone just the way they are.

Embracing the family – Eph. 2:19 ~ Providing an environment where people in all ages will grow and mature together.

Exhibiting grace and extend forgiveness – Eph. 4:31-32 ~ As we are standing on truth we live in grace so that we are extending forgiveness, freedom, joy, laughter and openness.

Entering unity in diversity – Eph. 4:3 ~ Encouraging and appreciating the differences in people while protecting our unity through mutual respect and generosity.

Extolling stillness – Psalm 46:10 ~ Understanding the key to knowing God and in turn knowing ourselves.

Enhancing music and the arts – Psalm 150 ~ Promoting the dynamics of engagement between the Church and the culture of music, arts, TV/media, fashion, & film.

Excellence in Our Pursuits – 1 Pet. 1:15 ~ Doing all things as if it is the first time ever and taking time to savor the result.

Encouraging Purity in motive & Consistency– James 3:17; 1 Pet. 1:22 ~ Hypocrisy is the greatest disease within the Church; A constant life gives us the right to speak the Truth to the broken.

Gentle-voiced & Compassionate – 1 Pet. 3:15~ The true gospel is blanketed in a tender heart.

Understanding the mood of our times – Acts 17:16-34~ Keeping our finger on the pulse of our generation.


Our strategy the last seven years has been helpful but hard to communicate. We have communicated it in the form of steps that lead people through a process of maturity.